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Order Some Oreos?

Posted by on November 21, 2011

I’m particularly interested in trying to configure desserts to make ultimate delights. After being lucky enough to stumble on my new go-to brownie recipe, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to inject some new and equally exciting flavour to the mix. A quick poke around the cupboard reduced me to just one option. Not for lack of variety but simply because after spying the pack of Oreos in my periphery I immediately reached for them and knew exactly what I had to do (Fact check: Inspiration like that is my fantasy. In reality, I continued to search whilst crunching down on the Oreos for a fair while… until I looked at the crumbs in my palm and realised the potential).

Whilst I find myself craving them, there were a few alterations I’d make. Namely, larger chunks of Oreos- as I was faced with a few bites that possessed an undesirable lack of crunch. Offensive to my mouth.

So to clear up, this is the same Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies recipe, just with a tall stack of Oreos scrunched up and dispersed in the batter in place of the milk chocolate and white chocolate chunks.

Hope you all had a most enjoyable weekend. I certainly did. Time with friends and revisiting old recipes makes for a fantastic combination. Take it sleazy you beauts.

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