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Peace & Loaf

Posted by on January 28, 2012

I’m not big on making excuses when I have done something wrong. I know what an absolute bugger I have been putting my crusade on hold and for that I sincerely apologise. I can only hope January has been a similarly hectic month for you all and my absence hasn’t caused too much of a stir. Although, a stir would mean I have somewhat of a following. In that case, I demand a stir. Stir away poppets.

Whilst you’re stirring, I’ll continue. My return to the kitchen came in the form of a Cordon Bleu recipe for a pistachio and chocolate loaf. As I received a marvellous library of cookery books for Christmas, settling on a recipe proved most time consuming. Chocolate was a given and brownies, cupcakes and cookies were out. It came down to this: pistachios or walnuts. For reasons I’ll leave up to your imagination, I voted pistachio.

So here we are, the chocolate pistachio loaf. Swirls, sugar and nuts getting a rapid thumbs up. Just to add, whilst it tasted sensational, it wasn’t as pistachio-ey as I would have liked. I think, however that was more a fault of mine rather than the recipe and I’ll explain in my recipe write-up how to avoid the same issue.

Heed my warning, pistachio-ey or not, avoid being alone in a room with this delight at all costs.

Enjoy my little cupcakes x

P.S My title is an homage to a certain pair of Baker Boys, one of which tweeted this very phrase to me.

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