Getting My Swirl On

I’ve always wanted to bake cinnamon swirls, they’re just delightful (minus the raisins of course). Whilst watching The Food Network I came across this ‘supposedly’ easy recipe using puff pastry and I knew I had to give it a go. Believe me the end result was without a doubt, damn tasty but they lacked a whole heap in the visual department. I mean, it’s not that they looked unappetising more than they were just plain ugly. It’s a total shame though as they were little cinnamon parties in my mouth…

I intend on doing the full shebang and making them from scratch at some point but until then, feast your eyes on these puppies.

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Forgive, Forget and Feast your Face off.

Now then. What a bugger I have been completely neglecting my blossoming wee blog. I have enough excuses to fill up my wine glasses but I’ll leave you with the most important one- at this time of year it’s imperative you focus on those closest to you and that’s how my last few weeks have played out. I’m hoping at Christmas forgiveness is paramount. I hope you all have the most exquisite day and get yourselves fed all good and proper in the most wonderful way.

In my family we have a tradition where presents are opened late on Christmas Eve at the height of merriment and Christmas day is reserved for pure festive indulgence. If I may, let me leave you with this last thought- love your family, laugh with your friends and dance with people you don’t know. It’s the only way to spread the cheer and I strongly encourage it. Much love to you all. I hope you get all that you wish for and I will be back in force after the holidays. Time to get my cook on.

Merry Christmas poppets x

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Through The Lens

We’re finally well and truly immersed in the joys of December. There’s still a way to go yet so don’t panic if you’re a last minute shopper. As it happens, time has been on my side this year so the tree has been decorated, the cards posted and all the gifts purchased. The holiday season is all about enjoying the company of others and what better way to celebrate than to get merry over some good food and some fine wines. Here’s my formula for maximising the Christmas cheer.

  • A good read
  • A Starbucks Peppermint Mocha
  • Strolling through lit up London
  • Indulging in hearty pub grub
  • Enjoying a festive tipple
  • Getting out the Christmas mugs
  • Sticking on a festive movie
  • Putting up the Christmas tree
  • Getting your teeth into some cheesy scones
  • Donating toys to charity
  • Writing and posting all your Christmas cards
  • Getting involved in some seasonal baking

My December so far, through my iPhone lens…

Spread the love, folks. It’s Christmas.

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Don’t Fight The Delight

I’m all about making something fresh and from scratch. The beauty when you put love and attention into a mixture of ingredients to bake into some divine delight. The anticipation of that final taste is everything.

However, there are some things that I like to keep in the house for those occasions where time is of the essence and flavour is required on short notice. These are the moments where I reach into my moderately sized freezer that remains empty apart from the small rounds of frozen cookie dough in labeled freezer-safe boxes. Let the dough stand for 10 or so minutes whilst the oven is preheating and when they’re soft enough to pull apart, dump the balls on to a baking sheet and everyone’s a winner. Homemade cookies in a flash. I have plain chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip (as seen in the photos), white chocolate macadamia and chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough. I seriously encourage this sort of behaviour among you all. Sometimes you just need a hit and now no lack of money, transport or time will deny you that.

… and because you know cookies are best enjoyed with a tall glass of milk.

Get baking, pumpkins.

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Bringing Home The Dough….

I recently read in a magazine that men are attracted to women who smell like (wait for it…) doughnuts. Now to clarify, I’m not one to be taken in by articles in magazines, I generally buy them for fashion purposes but that struck me as something fairly interesting. Not only because doughnuts were next on my to-bake list but because I had to wonder, would I be attracted to a doughnut scented gent? Jury’s still out on that one but for all those women that want to smell like doughnuts for that special man in your life, get baking some of these little charmers. They’re fairly labour intensive but one hundred percent worth it. Top them with a glaze or sugar topping of your choosing and a dash of sprinkles if you’re that way inclined.

I’m going to ask that you all take into account how late it was getting by the time I got around to icing the doughnuts and so the lack of skill will hopefully be overlooked. I already paid the price for my sloppiness by having to clean up numerous mysterious chocolate finger prints from all over the flat…

Indulge away my darlings (cue Homer Simpson style drool).

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Order Some Oreos?

I’m particularly interested in trying to configure desserts to make ultimate delights. After being lucky enough to stumble on my new go-to brownie recipe, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to inject some new and equally exciting flavour to the mix. A quick poke around the cupboard reduced me to just one option. Not for lack of variety but simply because after spying the pack of Oreos in my periphery I immediately reached for them and knew exactly what I had to do (Fact check: Inspiration like that is my fantasy. In reality, I continued to search whilst crunching down on the Oreos for a fair while… until I looked at the crumbs in my palm and realised the potential).

Whilst I find myself craving them, there were a few alterations I’d make. Namely, larger chunks of Oreos- as I was faced with a few bites that possessed an undesirable lack of crunch. Offensive to my mouth.

So to clear up, this is the same Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies recipe, just with a tall stack of Oreos scrunched up and dispersed in the batter in place of the milk chocolate and white chocolate chunks.

Hope you all had a most enjoyable weekend. I certainly did. Time with friends and revisiting old recipes makes for a fantastic combination. Take it sleazy you beauts.

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Brilliant Beyond Belief Brownies

I’m an absolute chocolate hound. Without doubt choosing chocolate over anything savoury- it’s just how I roll. I’m always on the lookout for perfect staple recipes: cookies, cakes and brownies etc. I finally found my go-to brownie recipe. I devoured these bad boys like no tomorrow (not alone of course, cheeky). These are by far my favourite recipe to date. You’re a lucky bunch, aren’t you.

So here they are, in all their gooey glory. The white and milk chocolate chunks are pretty much the best things about these. Little surprises every time you take a bite. Absolute perfection. Enjoy, my beauties.

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Glitter and Guy Fawkes’

While the days get colder and the nights get darker it makes so much sense to huddle around a blazing inferno while admiring a spectrum of explosions light up the sky. What better way to celebrate than with toasted marshmallows, lashings of glitter and rainbow sprinkles? So that’s exactly what I did.

Chocolate cupcakes topped with mini marshmallows and set under a hot grill until the marshmallows start to melt and turn deliciously golden. Once cooled, drizzle some melted chocolate and make sure to eat straight away.

I spotted these firework cupcakes and thought about how I could make my own version. Having never attempted to make my own chocolate designs I was a little nervous. My first effort was a disaster as I spread the chocolate too thinly and therefore had zero stability and refused to stand up straight. The decision to use white chocolate seemed appropriate, giving the glitter a blank canvas. Upon revisiting the idea, I went on to use dark chocolate for the structure and then added a final layer of white chocolate for that ‘blank canvas’. Worked a charm. Although, next time I’ll reduce the centre mass of the firework in the hopes it’ll look less like a glittery pink palm tree…

To beef out the display I dipped some pretzels in milk chocolate and sprinkled them with rainbow nonpareils (fancy) and placed them onto some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Pretty damn fine if you ask me sunshine.

Hope all your Bonfire Nights were splendid my little poppets.

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All Hallow’s Eve

Winter is my most favoured of the seasons. Not exclusively due to the ease of hiding the extra layer that comes with cooking treats all year long. It’s mostly because it comes complete with all my most loved of the vacays: Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Each allow me the excuse to celebrate by whipping up delights of their respective nature.

I spent many hours trawling the internet for holiday baking inspiration and decided on spooky cake pops a la miss Bakerella and creepy broken glass cupcakes Queen Martha Stewart style.

This was my first attempt at cake pops and even though I did my research, I still managed to make a few mistakes. I initially made them on sticks but they were too top heavy and kept falling off. I used the famous Hummingbird Red Velvet Cupcake recipe and covered them in a layer of scrumptious white chocolate. I think in the future I’ll give candy melts a whirl to give me a wider range in my colour arsenal. Nevertheless I was delighted with the outcome. I encourage everyone to try their hand at these little poppity pops…


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My Baking Adventure…

I’ve decided to embark upon a food journey. I’m fairly aware it’s going to take time, money, energy and a whole lot of exercise to keep me from stepping up some 4 or 5 sizes.

It’s an exciting move for me to make and I really hope that everybody who reads will most importantly enjoy it and if the mood so takes them respond with some kind or witty comments.

-Let the cooking (and subsequent eating) begin…

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